16, 2016 Jun. 16, 2016 Lawrence Phillips died of asphyxiaby hanging himself with a bed sheet while in his prison cell,according to thefinal coroner's report obtained by visit homepage USA Today . Phillips, who was found dead Jan. 13, was awaiting trial for the murder of his cellmate in a California state prisonwhen the former football starcommitted suicide. He already was serving a 24-year sentence for various crimes. MORE: Notable sports deaths of 2016 | NFL animal power rankings According to the coroner, when correctional officers at Kern Valley State Prison found the 40-year-old in his cell, he had a note taped to his chest that said, Do Not Resuscitate. He was pronounced ชุดเครื่องนอน พร้อมส่ง dead at a nearby hospital. The autopsy also included a full toxicology report. At the time of his death, Phillips had no drugs or medicines in his system. At the scene of Phillips' death, he was found with a sheet around his neck that was ripped and knotted and attached to a metal television pole.

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Multiple Hotels Do Not Change Bedsheets for New Guests, Investigation Reveals by Inside Edition 4:03 PM EDT, September 13, 2016 Playing For Sheets' Sake! Multiple Hotels Do Not Change Bedsheets for New Guests, Investigation Reveals When staying at a hotel ,you expect fresh, clean sheets but how can you be surethe linens have been changed after the previous guest ? To find out, Inside Edition's investigative team came up with a simple test. We checked into 9 hotel rooms, and each time sprayed a harmless, washable, fluorescent paint onto the bedsheet using a stencil that says, I SLEPT HERE. The paint is invisible to the naked eye, but turn on an ultraviolet light and presto our I SLEPT HERE slogan could be seen glowing bold and bright. Then we checked out, leaving the beds unmade, which should have been clear to any maid they had been slept in. Read:Some Bedsheets Are Not Changed Between Guests at Hotels, Investigation Finds Inside Editionthen booked the same rooms for the following day and checked in under a new name as if we were brand new guests. At the Candlewood Inn & Suites near Manhattans Times Square, we sprayed down our mark. And incredibly, when we returned the next day under a different reservation "I SLEPT HERE" was still on the sheets! "This sheet hasnt been changed. Why werent the sheets changed? INSIDE EDITION reporter Ann Mercogliano asked the hotel manager. Okay, I expect them to be changed every day and that is a policy of our property, the manager replied.A spokesperson for the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), which owns Candlewood & Suites, said they take great pride in setting stringent quality standards, which we take very seriously. "Any claim that a hotel is not following the standards falls below our expectations. This incident serves as a reminder to all hotels to enforce this important standard. So was it just a simple mistake or is this a dirty little secret in the hotel industry? At a La Quinta Inns & Suites location not far from New York City's Central Park, we did our test again, spraying a bedsheet with our message I SLEPT HERE. Would the message still be there when we returned the next day under a new reservation?

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